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Midnight are Hero Unique Special type that has the ability to attack enemies with up to 3 different weapons. Gauntlets, Claws, Dual Guns, Dual Sickles



Added On 2021-01-26

Hero Preview

Double Click To Change Gender (if available)


Skill Preview

You will See Skill Preview

Weapon Skill

Chain Rush

Rush to grab the enemy in front and lock them with chains. After a short time, the chain is disengaged and stuns the enemy.

Armor Skill

Absolute Chain

Locks enemies in front and causes all locked enemies to fly.

Helmet Skill

Gore Chase

Fires a total of 4 large missiles, after which it will explode into many smaller ones.

Trinket Skill

Ultimate Side

Summons 2 Chak Cages to attack enemies within a distance and come back to you.