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Automaton are Unique Melee type with the ability to capture enemies. It's quite brutal to capture your enemies



Added On 2021-01-26

Hero Preview

Double Click To Change Gender (if available)


Skill Preview

You will See Skill Preview

Weapon Skill

Enhanced Performance

Transform into a steam human Can be controlled and gains an invulnerability buff (can be used while being attacked).

Armor Skill

Steam Emission

Casts steam energy forward. When passing through the enemy will smash the enemy violently.

Helmet Skill

Part Recovery

Activate the cog energy. Pressing D will trigger a large number of cogs. it will run after us After that, the backlash will run into us. When an enemy is hit, they will fall down.

Trinket Skill

Engine Overheating

When activated, it is a fast running with machine power.