Jin Sasinmu

Jin Sasinmu is the 2nd unique hero, and the 163th hero overall. It is the master of Four Symbols; Azure Dragon (Seiryu), Vermilion Bird (Suzaku), White Tiger (Byakko), and Black Turtle (Ganbu).
Weapon Skill Draws enemies within range to me. and attack with the power of the white shirt (can be used while sleeping)
White Tiger Roar
Armor Skill Summons the spirit of the Azure Dragon. can control dragon as well as leaving the lightning in the path that he walked through
Thunder Lizard Appear
Helm Skill Set the magic circle placement point, press the attack button to pull the opponent into the middle of the magic circle.
Red Bird's Lump of Meat
Cloak Skill The Power of the Black Tortoise removes Fire/Electric/Ice status and increases DEF and protects against all elements
Black Tortoise's Enegry