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Strider is a Hero Unique Melee type, capable of dealing damage to enemies very quickly. Simply put, it's the speed of light



Added On 2021-01-26

Hero Preview

Double Click To Change Gender (if available)


Skill Preview

You will See Skill Preview

Weapon Skill

Mega Armor

Summons a spaceship to attack enemies around the ship . Very long distance. When the skill range expires, the ship will disappear (can be destroyed).

Armor Skill

Fall Burst Cannor

Jump up and shoot down energy guns. Bullets deal damage and create a chasm after firing a projectile.

Helmet Skill

Homing Ion Cannor

Summons a large amount of light energy. The light will move towards the nearest target. and combine into a large light energy (Can be summoned up to 3 times)

Trinket Skill

Air Strider

Summons many small ships. When there are enemies in the air All ships will attack.